Session 001
In which the party looks to the past to determine thier future.
Episode 001 (January 12th 2063)

Players began play as security guards leased by genetics and pharmacology research firm Covance Pharmaceuticals, at their R&D facility in Butte, Montana, AKA the middle of nowhere. Each guard is SWAT style trained and considered adept in security, firearms, tactics and defensive perimeters. Their employer is Armed Response PMC.

The day begins with a shift change at 4AM, while it’s still dark out. Various guards go through their morning routines, exercise, breakfast, etc until they reach the complex and begin shift. Complex security is tight with retinal scanners, fingerprint identifications and the like. Guards coming off duty will report in small talk that the night shift was quiet and boring, with minor antics from the resident prankster/joker having pulled a well conceived joke on one of the other guards. A typical day (night) for all involved.

Once the players are in place, all four guards ([[:Matthew Ransford]] played by GM) will find themselves relatively near each other in their posts, with Matthew on patrol rounds. Trace [[:Dimitry Kimko:]] and Kristen’s [[:Olivia Hall]] guards will find themselves guarding the loading docks, with Jose’s [[:Alex Morrison]] in a guard tower overlooking the South-East end of the complex.

Round about 5:42 AM, while still dark, a radio blip will go off, as if someone attempted to use their radio, but was interrupted. Alex Morrison (Jose) investigates, and no one on the radio will claim the blip as their own. A guard will wisecrack that another guard (“Jim”) rolled over on his radio again while sleeping at his post – Jim’s has no response. Shortly thereafter Alex (Jose) calls for a sound off of all stations, with four of eleven stations not responding including the Front Gate and three of four Patrols.

At this point Alex requests the Primary Station issue an alert, putting the whole station on lockdown and tactical alert.

Alex (Jose) comes across an near-invisible meta-human with significant offensive and defensive capabilities, and is nearly killed in a short but brutal combat. Left to die behind a desk, the intruder left the tower, leaving an active grenade behind. Alex manages to get behind a desk, and transmit a short message to the base before falling unconscious due to the blast.

Shortly thereafter another meta-human entered the complex, presumed to use Quantum Leap, and made short work of several guards. Casualties at this point are assumed total, as the novas seemed to be actively looking for guards and personnel with intentions of killing all they come across.

Dimitry (Trace) and Olivia (Kristen) decide to find Alex (Jose) and attempt to regroup at a more defensible position. They come face to face with the invisible intruder, and Olivia and Dimitry are separated, with the intruder following Dimitry.

After several attempts to shoot the intruder with firearms of various caliber (that all seem to pass through the invisible person) Dimitry meets his end, impaled.

Olivia, down the hall, separated and cut off from her partner, continues down the hall to find the Front Gate Tower. She deftly picks her way to Alex and pulls him from the burning wreckage of the now bombed out tower.

Restored to consciousness, Alex explains the predicament, Olivia agrees that the intruder has them clearly outclassed, and they head to a Tower Armory to re-equip. Alex is severely wounded, and is helped along by Olivia to the South East tower where the second meta-human is calmly surveying the destruction of the complex.

Giving no indication of awareness to the two guards down the hall, they attempt to sneak nearby and take the meta by surprise. Unfortunately, the meta, while not aware of their approach, was armored enough that the assault proved fruitless. Moments later, the the pair were decimated by the the awesome strength of the meta, and the scene fades to black.


The above sequence is administered by Telepathy Christopher “Trip” Hawkins, a meta doing pro-bono work for the Midwest branch of the Coalition, on loan to NWPac, the office the primary characters hail from.

Trip makes grim light of the situation, offered some small talk, and then excused himself in search of a chai.

During the investigation, some important points were determined:

Clear was the determination that the attack was planned an executed with a clear timetable, with details agreed upon in advance. Further evidence within various sections of the complex reveal Nova grade powers in use, notably large claw marks and structural damage indicating a “Brick” decided to make his own doors in several sections of the complex. This meta was later determined to be Erik “Impact” Wold, of the pseudo terrorist group Aegis.

Matthew Ransford’s body is dumped near the Complex with a differing cause of death, that has yet to be fully explained, as was his location.

After some legwork, checking in with the local law enforcement, it was revealed that at all the of the employees have been accounted for except two: Kaitlin Brandt, and Richard Houghton. However, after some further review the missing body of Kaitlin Brandt was suspected of being atomized, shortening the list of missing persons to one.

Checking into motives, the players determined that Covance was a nested subsidiary of a larger firm Geneva Pharmaceuticals, tasked with creating military-grade combat booster injections for the Dept of Defense. Covance’s primary research path had actually yielded significant results, and human trials are underway in combat scenarios. Significant hacking into the local network revealed a copy of the latest research data, exposing the company’s research into cyber-ware rejection immunizers, allowing significant reduction of rejection across the board.



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