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  • Introduction

    h3. The year is 2063. In the fifty years since the members of the United Nations signed the Yukoshami Accords granting all altered, hybrid, and meta-humans the same basic rights as baseline humans, much has changed. h3. Metahumans Any grade …

  • Mandisa

    The official story is somewhat vague, but the circumstances surrounding the founding of Mandisa seem to be the most widely known open secret of our generation. During the early 2040s, Zambia, impoverished, lacking infrastructure, and dealing with …

  • Covance Pharmaceuticals

    Covance Pharmaceuticals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geneva Pharmaceuticals, based out of Butte, Montana. The firm is engaged in US government subsidized research into combat boosting human enhancement. Convance's primary facility is a secure …

  • Index Sessions

    "Session 001":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/coalition_2063/adventure-log/log-session-001

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